Opening address

Ondřej Kovařík has been a Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe) since 2019 and is member of the ECON Committee at the EP. He was a shadow rapporteur on the InvestEU proposal, the EU investment programme successor to the well-known EaSI programme, which will be particularly relevant for social economy actors.

Before becoming an MEP, Ondřej Kovařík held several high-profile positions within the Czech and European civil services, such as the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa; and the Czech Ministry of Defence.


Ondřej Kovařík

Member of the European Parliament

The Story of Dilbi

Sally Ghannoum is a Syrian singer, film-maker, and entrepreneur. Due to the war in Syria, she fled to Belgium with her family in 2015. She is now the owner of two successful restaurants and a cultural centre in Antwerp, and believes success comes from talent, love, art, and hard work. Sally lost her home but she carried her culture and the love of Syria in her heart when she decided to build a new home in Antwerp. Her new home is called Dilbi - Dilbi is the secret of her success and hope in life. Join Sally on her journey.

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Sally Ghannoum

Film-maker, singer, micro-entrepreneur and microStart client

EaSI TA InvestEU, ESF : an update on the EaSI Programme successor

With the new MFF in light, we want to keep EMN members abreast of the EU's financing activities in support of the microfinance sector. After the current crises, the sectors work has become more relevant and the support to the sector has gained further attention. We will hear first-hand from the European Commission who will share the current status of EU support tools, specially the very successful Easi Guarantee and future plans under InvestEU and ESF+.

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Bernardo Urrutia

Policy Officer - InvestEU - Social Finance Policy at the European Commission

Andrea Da Pozzo

Policy officer ESF and Cohesion Policy - Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship Unit at European Commission


Per-Erik Eriksson

Director of Financial Inclusion, EIF

Laure Coussirat-Coustère

Deputy CEO at ADIE

Samuel Paulus

Senior Manager at Microlux


Caroline Tsilikounas

EMN General Manager

Preparing for the future while still managing the crisis

EaSI TA During the session participants will learn and interact on how MFIs with different business models and operating in very different contexts reacted to the COVID-19 crisis. What are/have been the main challenges and the impact on the MFIs? Which different actions were taken to support customers?

Participants will be also invited to reflect on the challenges that lay ahead of the sector and will debate on the identification of possible innovative solutions to support micro-entrepreneurs in the post-COVID recovery. What are the key lessons we can take for the future? What will be the “new normal” for MFIs?


Tatjana Antic

Manager, Communication & Fundraising at AgroInvest

David Taquin

Chief Development Officer at microStart


Daniel Rozas

Microfinance Expert

DigitalSolutions Marketplace: Meet your digital provider

With digitalisation becoming one of the hottest topics of these times, EMN will launch its new DigitalSolutions Marketplace in Brussels. The microfinance sector is very active and has been instrumental in keeping entrepreneurs afloat throughout Europe during these tough times, but it still needs all hands on deck to achieve ”an inclusive finance for an inclusive future”. The DigitalSolutions Marketplace will be the perfect opportunity for participants to meet with various Digital Providers to discover what is on offer and even to establish partnerships.

Are you a digital provider and do you want to get involved? Get in touch with us at:

Digital Solutions Providers

Antoine Griveaud

Co-Founder at Juakali

Christian Ruehmer

Co-Founder and CEO of Q-Lana


Damien Jacques

Principal Data Scientist at Rubyx

Maarten Rooney

Co-founder & CEO at Singlify

Matt Morris

Lead Salesforce Consultant at Singlify


Evelyne Oprel

International Relations Manager at Qredits

EaSI TA Microfinance as a pioneer in Impact Investment: achievements & new challenges

With the great resilience of its practitioners, their high impact, and their ability to deliver over time, microfinance has long been seen as the original impact investment. But where do we stand now? Is there a shift away or back towards Financial Inclusion in impact investing? Come join us for a discussion where we will touch upon impact in the EU towards the EC and the investors.

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Claudia Belli

Head of Social Business and Microfinance at BNP Paribas

Marc Olivier

Financial Director at Adie

Noémie Renier

Head of Debt for Financial Institutions at Incofin Investment Management


Cristina Dumitrescu

Senior Investment Manager at European Investment Fund’s Inclusive Finance team

Florian Teleaba

Deputy CEO at OMRO


Bruno Dunkel

General Manager at Inpulse

Digital delivery of non-financial services: What offers for which category of client?

Although the digitalisation of entrepreneurship and business development services delivery was long engaged, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the trend as it demonstrated its relevance to answer the needs of (aspiring) entrepreneurs. Online live awareness-raising, bespoke informative mailing, training and coaching sessions, digital automated solutions to build business plans, web-based library… the possibilities offered by technology are huge and should allow services providers to meet the diverse expectation of their target population. Is digital, the solution to serve all categories of prospects and clients? Is it adapted to all sort of support?

The workshop will provide some examples of the best practices of the sector and try to provide answer the above-mentioned questions.

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Jules Blanc

Project Officer at Adie

Evelyne Oprel

International Relations Manager at Qredits


Rachel Manyayi

Deputy Regional Director at Adie

Speed Networking: Meet your policy maker and investor

Given the popularity of this activity in our previous Annual Conferences, EMN will be hosting a third edition of its Speed Networking this year as well. It will take place over one hour and half, so participants will get to book time slots to meet with some investors and policy makers. Established connections can then be further developed over the coffee break and farewell drinks! This activity is dedicated to establishing contacts between MFIs and their potential Social Investors and/or EU Policy Makers. It offers a platform for exchange and awareness-raising and could foster the creation of partnerships or consolidate existing cooperation between partners.

It is a tailored networking opportunity, using the principle of ‘speed dating’. MFIs can book a time slot to meet with selected people, in order to address their needs and questions with the relevant person. Stay tuned for the launch of the appointment book and names of participating social investors and policy makers!


Anne-France Simon

Head of CSR Engagement & Inclusion at BNP Paribas Fortis

Claudia Belli

Head of Social Business and Microfinance at BNP Paribas

Nicolas Blondeau

Manager at Inpulse

Vincent Lagarre

Team leader for EU financial instruments for social enterprise finance and microfinance

Per-Erik Eriksson

Director of Financial Inclusion, EIF

Andrea Bratu

Investment Manager at EIF

Stefan Oberbichler

Inclusive Finance Team at EIF

Cedric Lodato

Risk Manager at EIF

Clément André

Investment Officer at Inpulse

Michal Radziwill

Manager at Inpulse

7th European Microfinance Day - Keeping the doors open for all entrepreneurs

The European Microfinance Day, sponsored by the EIB Group, is back for a 7th edition, with more meaning behind the new symbolic date of 15th October.

This date was chosen based on a striking statistic: according to the OECD, 21.7% of the EU population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. In other words, the system isn't working for 21.7% of the time. Relative to a calendar year, this means that it breaks down on 15th October, when the doors close on those willing to build a better life for themselves. The microfinance sector is pushing hard to move this limit further year after year, to see the day no one is left behind.

Our usual Brussels-central event is fully integrated into the conference as the closing session and we will be hosting the European Code of Good Conduct Award Ceremony, with the participation of the European Commission's DG Employment, to proudly award those organisations that are recently certified under the ECoGC.

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Caroline Tsilikounas

EMN General Manager

Bruno Robino

Deputy Head of Division Advisory Services at the European Investment Bank

Ann Branch

Head of Unit at European Commission, DG EMPL

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Thursday 14

12:00 - 14:00 EMN C-Suites meeting
Luncheon followed by introduction of Caroline Tsilikounas as the new EMN General Manager

Upon invitation only. Contact EMN
16:00 - 16:30 General Assembly registration & coffee
16:30 - 18:00 EMN General Assembly
with the presentation of the EMN Strategy and EMN Board Elections
18:00 - 20:00 EMN Members' cocktail


Friday 15
Conference Day

From 08:15 Registration  
9:05 - 10:00 Welcome and Opening
A word from the outgoing President - Elwin Groenevelt , President of EMN
Opening address - Ondřej Kovařík, Member of the European Parliament
The Story of Dilbi by Sally Ghannoum - singer, film-maker, restaurateur, and microStart client
10:00 - 10:30 COFFEE & NETWORKING  
  Workshops Networking
10:30 - 12:00 EaSI TA : InvestEU, ESF : an update on the EaSI Programme successor EaSI TA : Preparing for the future while still managing the crisis DigitalSolutions Marketplace
Meet your digital provider
12:00 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK & NETWORKING  
13:30 - 15:00 EaSI TA : Microfinance as a pioneer in Impact Investment: achievements & new challenges Digital delivery of non-financial services: What offers for which category of client? Speed networking
Meet your policy maker and investor
15:00 - 15:30 COFFEE & NETWORKING  
15:30 - 15:55 Conference closing keynote speech
Ruth Paserman - Director DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - Funds: Programming and implementation - European Commission
15:55 - 16:40 7th European Microfinance Day
Introduction to the EMD - Caroline Tsilikounas, EMN General Manager
EMD sponsor - Bruno Robino, Deputy Head of Division Advisory Services, European Investment Bank
European Code of Good Conduct Award Ceremony - Ann Branch, European Commission, DG EMPL
16:40 onwards Farewell drinks and cocktail  


EaSI TA = This session is organised within the EaSI Technical Assistance programme of the European Union.
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