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The Venice Declaration


>>> Read the final version here

 In line with the main theme of the 14th EMN Annual Conference - Financial Education to Empower Citizens. All Aboard! - we underline the need to foster and accelerate the process of financial inclusion by focusing equally on empowering our constituencies and strengthening microfinance proper for a more equal and sustainable community.

Therefore, we drafted a declaration, the Venice Declaration, with the aim of promoting microfinance in Europe as an instrument for a safer and more sustainable community from a social and financial point of view. The idea behind the declaration was to produce a document that gathered together the common goals of the sector and that was signed by all those who concur with the message. The final version of the Venice Declaration was presented during EMN’s Annual Conference. On a major level, it aims to be a useful tool at both EU and national level as it will be available for the signatories, MFIs, banks and associations to use for promotion and awareness-raising purposes.

In order to keep the drafting process as inclusive and participatory as possible, we collected comments and suggestions by EMN members that have been included in the draft declaration. During the two-day event in June, two committees were dedicated to further discussion and adjustments and the final version served as the basis for discussion during the high-level plenary on Friday morning. All parties who were in agreement were invited to sign the declaration.


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