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Financial Education for Students: EMN Seminar for University Students

What is the seminar about?

The title of EMN’s 14th Annual Conference, “Financial Education to Empower Citizens. All Aboard!”, was chosen deliberately. In our society, people are surrounded by financial institutions and in constant direct or indirect contact with money. Money is an integral part of our lives and, irrespective of our age, we are expected to know how to deal with it. But do we really know the effects of our financial transactions? Do we know how to handle money? Or how money will determine our lives now and in the future? Financial education ought to be part of lifelong learning. But what is financial education?

A short interactive workshop will be organised during EMN’s Annual Conference as an opportunity for students from different universities in the region of Veneto to become familiar with Financial Education.

The workshop will be composed of a series of brief sessions where students can meet with professionals and practitioners in the domain of Financial Education. You can find a detailed agenda of the session in the Programme page.  


>>> To raise awareness amongst students / participants about the relevance and importance of financial learning and education.

>>> To learn about Financial Education in general.

>>> To inform students / participants about the possible role that the (EU) microfinance sector can play in the field of financial education.

For Whom?

  • University students from various universities in the Veneto region (Participation of international students is welcome but no costs will be covered by EMN).

  • Students with a basic interest in financial topics and microfinance.

  • Students with adequate knowledge of English.

  • Minimum 12 - maximum 30 persons.


  • Wednesday 21 June 2017.

  • From 10.45 to 16.00.

  • Venice International University (Room 1G) - Island of San Servolo (Have a look at the Venue page to see the map)

More information

  • Registration is now closed.

  • Participation is free of charge but subject to confirmation by EMN.

  • Lunch is provided on the day of the training.

  • Travel, accommodation, subsistence costs are not covered by EMN.



Additional information