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Pre-conference events

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EaSI TA Training Seminar for MFI Field Staff: The Journey of Entrepreneurship

EMN held an EaSI TA pre-conference training seminar for MFI Field Staff. This seminar was the occasion for microfinance field staff (e.g. Loan Officers, Branch Managers, Coaches, Head of Operations etc.), from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds and working for different types of MFIs throughout Europe, to meet and exchange upon their experiences in the field. The seminar was facilitated by an expert on entrepreneurship and apply action-based learning methods, whereby the real-life experiences of participants are the central ingredients in the learning process.

Loan officers and other operational staff in MFIs (field staff) make decisions that eventually lead to a financial obligation by their clients. The field staff therefore has a moral obligation to ensure that the clients do not enter into situations that they cannot manage. They need to ensure that their clients make deliberate decisions and are conscious of the consequences they will entail. The same is required of the field staff when they make active and conscious choices as to whom they should accept as clients / debtors. As such having a real understanding of the world their clients live in and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives them is key. Ultimately, field staff should also be able to assist their clients in building up their financial understanding, thus contributing to the overall financial education of final beneficiaries.


EMN Seminar for University Students

The title of EMN’s 14th Annual Conference, “Financial Education to Empower Citizens. All Aboard!”, was chosen deliberately. In our society, people are surrounded by financial institutions and in constant direct or indirect contact with money. Money is an integral part of our lives and, irrespective of our age, we are expected to know how to deal with it. But do we really know the effects of our financial transactions? Do we know how to handle money? Or how money will determine our lives now and in the future? Financial education ought to be part of lifelong learning. But what is financial education?

A short interactive workshop was organised during our conference as an opportunity for students from different universities in the region of Veneto to become familiar with Financial Education.

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