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And the winner of the 3rd EMN Photo Contest is...

Winner picture 2017 

UNCAR: Legacy

Since the beginning of the century when the first credit unions have been established by the craftsmen, traders, teachers and workers that got together their savings and established financial institutions to support them improve their lives, until today, Credit Unions lead by the the National Union of Mutual Aid Funds have evolved, modernized, diversified the services including financial education and have become an important part of the Romanian financial sector.

Responsible spending, saving, avoidance of over-indebtedness alongside with entrepreneurship are the main elements of the training and consulting services associated to the financial and economic inclusion loans the Credit Unions are providing to their members.

Continuing the tradition of saving and spending efficiently and responsibly with the Credit Unions through cultivating this spirit among community members and children, C.A.R.-I.F.N.-C.F.R. Ramnicu Valcea initiated and run in partnership with four schools located in remote rural areas, a successful financial education program for more than 250 primary and secondary school students.

Alongside with the provision of financial services tailored to the members’ specific needs, financial information and knowledge, enables members to manage better their own financial resources, improve their living conditions, access better education and health services, and makes CAR CFR Ramnicu Valcea a well-known promoter of financial and social inclusion in the rural areas served.

An important category of members of C.A.R.-I.F.N.-C.F.R.Ramnicu Valcea is represented by small crafters (peasant's shoe makers, potters, sculptors, artisan workers) who, through financial education and loans granted by the employees of the house, manage to carry on the tradition of craftsmanship, made in faith and respect.

The picture presents the craftsman and artisan Alexandru Ilinca and one of his apprentice during the workshop on traditional shoe making organized with the contribution of C.A.R.-I.F.N.-C.F.R.Ramnicu Valcea Romania.


EMN is pleased to launch the 3rd EMN Photo Contest in the framework of its 14th Annual Conference.

Once again, we would like to receive an image that tells a story! We are keen to know and show more about the activities of our members and their microfinance clients.

 SQ GoodBee 08 EMS.Still004  Banca Etica Gekake Società Cooperativa

Pictures submitted last year. Left, winning image from good.bee Credit. Right, picture from Banca Etica.




The winning organisation of the 3rd EMN photo contest will receive one free registration pass for the 2018 Annual Conference and will be invited to join the Idea Lab to help shape the discussions for that conference.

The winner will be announced during the Photo Contest Award Ceremony on Day 2 of the conference.


Please read the new contest rules carefully along with the terms and copyright conditions before sending your pictures.



The 3rd EMN Photo Contest is open to all EMN Members – including those who are not attending the conference.


We want to receive photos that reflect a range of scenarios and subjects related to the impact of microfinance and financial inclusion in Europe. Images that are in line with this year’s conference theme ‘Financial Education to Empower Citizens. All Aboard!’ will be especially valued and other microfinance-related subjects are equally welcome.

We would also love to hear the story that goes with the photo - every image tells a story and we want to know the who, why, where, what etc. of the image sent in.


You send us your original image and the story that goes with it, we will then print all the images (A2 Format) and display them in the coffee break and networking area. Conference attendees will be asked to cast their vote for their favourite story and image - voting process is also available on our Facebook page. The organisation with the winning photo will be given the opportunity to expand on the background of the image and the assistance they provided in the scenario depicted during the award ceremony.


Read the conditions of entry and our copyright statement below and send 1 digital photo, colour or monochrome, (minimum 2480 x 3508 pixels, ideally 4960 x 7016 pixels) and the story that accompanies it (up to 300 words) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar).


All entries must be submitted by 26 May 2017 (inclusive).


Please read the following terms carefully:

CONDITIONSEntry is limited to original works that have not formerly been displayed or exhibited by either the organisation and/or the photographer. The image must be respectful of the rights of others, and the organisation/photographer must have prior consent from all persons depicted therein.

COPYRIGHT : The organisation retains copyright, remains the owner of the image submitted and may also subsequently use the image in any manner desired. However, by entering the competition the organisation explicitly agrees that EMN reserves in perpetuity, the non-exclusive right to make non-commercial use of the image with the objective of promoting the Annual Conference and other EMN activities, in any capacity including in print; on EMN websites; during EMN campaigns; in slideshows and public exhibitions; on EMN social media channels; in any other media; in original or copied format and in any country without further compensation to or the additional prior consent of the organisation and/or photographer. Appropriate attribution will be afforded to the organisation, where applicable.

Download the pdf version of the contest rules here.


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