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EMN 10th Annual Conference

In cooperation with NEEM

Innovative Pathways for European Microfinance

The European Microfinance Network (EMN) is holding its 10th Annual Conference in Stockholm on the 25th and 26th of June 2013

The Conference will focus on finding concrete innovative solutions to the challenges facing the microfinance industry in Europe, as regards to the market needs, organizational designs that support strategic innovation and growth as well as innovative funding instruments to suit the specific needs of MFIs.

Why innovation for Microfinance in Europe?

The EU microfinance market is of growing importance as a market segment with a potential to counter poverty and unemployment while fostering financial and social inclusion. BUT the sector does not use its full potential to meet the needs of the growing and diverse market, partly due to lack of clear market positioning, business models that allow outreach and limited availability of financial instruments that respond to the specific needs of microfinance institutions.

In 2011, the European Microfinance Institutions provided 204.080 loans to support the development of self-employment and microenterprises, representing a total of €872 M. At the same time, the Euro zone seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 11, 7 % in October 2012. This shows that there is a gap to be filled.

The Conference will focus on finding concrete innovative solutions to the aforementioned challenges. Therefore, a 48-Hour Innovation Race will be organized during the conference.

Inventing tomorrows MFI world – learning from Sweden

A century ago, Sweden was among the poorest nations in Europe. It'sIt is a small country, home to just 0.14 percent of the global population. Yet today, it is a world leader in innovation. The Innovation Union Scoreboard 2012, an index published by the European Commission, ranks Sweden as one of the leading countries for innovation among EU member states. Reasons for this include a historic tradition of inventors, a commitment to gender equality, and a strong belief in the individual. Close collaboration between research institutes and the private and public sectors is another key factor, setting the foundation for global Swedish companies like AstraZeneca, Ericsson, and Volvo. Innovation is closely linked to research and development. Sweden is one of Europe's top three spenders in this area, investing 3.6 percent of GDP in R&D in 2009. Compare this with the EU-wide target of 3 percent GDP investment by 2020, and it's clear that Sweden is ahead of the game.

48-Hour Innovation race

The reasons for organizing a 48-Hour Innovation Race are to create real change. The conference will provide MFIs with a platform to carry out activities that differ from the workshops and training courses which are usually organized in conferences. The race will produce concrete results, create change and knowledge on innovation and innovation processes.

EMN Conference 2013

An Innovation arena for a new microfinance world!

EMN 2013 Conference will be a forum for innovation and solutions.

Over 300 participants are expected to attend, including EMN member organizations, Microfinance practitioners, Investors, Banks, European policy makers and other stakeholders.

If you want to learn more about innovation and innovative processes from experienced innovators, or participate in the innovation race, learn from successful microfinance practitioners, meet potential investors, exchange with policy makers, meet organizations with whom to partner, showcase your Microfinance organization and be up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the Microfinance Sector in Europe, come and join us in Stockholm!


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