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Cooperation for Inclusive Affordable Personal Credit (2012-2013)


CAPIC is a new program recently launched by EFIN (the European Financial Inclusion Network) with support from the European Community Program for Employment and Social Solidarity.
In many EU countries the market fails to provide adequate affordable personal credit to low-income people, who thus face a lack of service (where no sub-prime market exists) or an inappropriate supply (sub-prime credit with high costs and bad terms and conditions).

The action, to illustrate and promote successful cooperation between social enterprise, public authority and profit-making company, in providing affordable personal credit, will:

  • Analyse 4 initiatives developed in 4 different EU countries, with diverse economical, political, legal contexts (3 active partnerships and 1 studied by the coordinator);
  • Foster knowledge and best practices exchanges between selected stakeholders on specific personal affordable credit topics, via 3 thematic workshops held in 3 different countries;
  • Develop a training module aimed at potential interested stakeholders based on the 4 case-studies' analysis and the experience exchanges;
  • Elaborate a video which highlights the various stakeholders and beneficiaries’ point of view;
  • Implement a training seminar in 5 European countries where effective potential stakeholders have been identified to develop affordable personal credit;
  • Disseminate results through a wide but targeted contact database in the EU via 2 existing websites and newsletters from 2 EU networks dedicated to financial inclusion.

The four case studies were carried out in Belgium, Italy, UK and France. Discover them here!  

The Programme is currently in the dissemination training phase: five training seminars are being organized in different European countries. Check them out here.


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To learn more about CAPIC please click here.