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EMN 11th Annual Conference

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 Employment: Challenges and Opportunities for Microfinance

The European Microfinance Network (EMN) is holding its 11th Annual Conference in Lisbon on June 19th and 20th, 2014

The intention of the event is to be a meeting of minds, ideas and experiences. EMN member organizations, representatives of EU institutions, funding organizations, microfinance practitioners from across Europe and beyond will be invited to share, exchange and challenge best practices in microfinance. The conference aims at achieving in-depth and interactive sharing through plenary sessions, workshops, roundtable meetings, and open space dialogue. 
One central theme: “Employment – Challenges and Opportunities for Microfinance” 
Europe faces one of the most serious economic crises in history.
  • Eurostat estimates that 26.338 million men and women in the EU27 were unemployed in February 2013. 
  • Among Member States, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4.8%), Germany (5.4%), Luxembourg (5.5%) and the Netherlands (6.2%), and the highest in Greece (26.4%), Spain (26.3%) and Portugal (17.5%).
Microfinance and microcredit in particular play an important role in job creation. As we cross this period of crisis, microfinance can help create opportunities for people with the will and initiative to succeed. Here we also refer to young people, with a university degree, that seek an opportunity to create their own jobs. In many countries, young people are facing a bleak future of joblessness with far-reaching repercussions and talk of a lost generation. 
  • In February 2013, 5.694 million young people were unemployed in the EU27. Compared with February 2012, youth unemployment rose by 196.000. 
  • In February 2013, the lowest rates were observed in Germany (7.7%), Austria (8.9%) and the Netherlands (10.4%), and the highest in Greece (58.4%), Spain (55.7%), Portugal (38.2%) and Italy (37.8%).
The conference will focus mainly on the challenges linked to this new European landscape
  • What is microfinance doing to give a proper response to the current environment?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for microfinance that arise from this context?
  • What is the true impact of microfinance in entrepreneurs’ lives?
  • How can the social impacts be effectively measured?
This conference will be a unique opportunity for the participants to analyze how the sector in Europe should respond to the various challenges that have emerged after the financial crisis to build a more social, financial and entrepreneurially inclusive Europe while also supporting an effective response to unemployment. 

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Useful Information document to assist you in your preparation for the Annual Conference: 

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