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Workshop 1 ¦ Main collaborative models between MF & banks

Tara I + II -- 18th June-

Collaboration between the microfinance sector and the mainstream financial institutions, especially with banks, has proved to be very fruitful for the development of the sector over the last few years. While some financial institutions prefer to invest in microfinance projects, others establish different collaborative relationships and some even consider offering their own microfinance related products (downscaling). The motivations, difficulties and evaluations of these partnerships with MFIs are crucial to understanding the current situation of the collaboration between both sectors, and to analysing new possibilities to make such collaboration even stronger for the future.


Workshop 2 ¦ Which Roadmap for Social Performance in Europe?

O'Carolan -- 18th June-

While social performance has for a long time been taken for granted, more recently the debate on the achievement of social objectives by MFIs has emerged as a result of different needs. New tools are now in place to help microfinance providers in assessing their social performance, in particular the SPI4. It is crucial for the sector to assess if the existing tools match the actual needs and specificities of the European Microfinance environment.

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Workshop 3 ¦ New technology-based opportunities for MFIs: P2P, Crowdfunding, and more

Graham Bell Suite -- 18th June-

In the last 5 years, new Fintech companies and other platforms have exploded onto the financial services markets of developed economies where there is readily available data, and high levels of internet connectivity. Over the last 12 months there has been an accelerated rise of peer-to-peer platforms; a marketplace that has removed the intermediaries (banks) and has enabled investors (whether lending money or investing into equity).

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Workshop 4 ¦ The Irish Microfinance Model

Graham Bell Suite -- 18th June-

This workshop will give an overview of the development of the policies and strategies that led to the creation of the Irish government's Microfinance loan fund and Microfinance Ireland. It will focus on the architecture behind the initiative and how the implementation has been managed by Microfinance Ireland; it will also focus on its partner delivery structures in the Local Enterprise offices and its relationships with the mainstream banking sector.


Workshop 5 ¦ Is your MFI Investment-Ready?

O'Carolan -- 18th June-

Banks are a potential source of capital for Microfinance Institutions, but just how investment-ready is your MFI? In the same way that we educate our customers on how to prepare when seeking finance, MFIs need to prepare as well. So what needs to be done and how can you get yourself investment-ready? This Workshop shares the experiences of a major capital-raising programme using bank finance.


Workshop 6 ¦ EU Code of Good Conduct - Are you ready?

Tara I + II -- 18th June-

According to the new EaSI regulation, implementing the EU Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision has become a pre-condition for accessing EU funds under EaSI. Do you manage or work at an MFI that wishes to comply with the Code? Do you still, however, have some questions about the implementation and evaluation processes, and about the self-assessment? Would you like to know if and how you can receive support and/or training during the implementation process? And would you like to know if and where your institutional and financial information will be published? Would you like to talk with other MFIs about their experiences in implementing the Code? This interactive workshop will answer your questions!

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Workshop 7 ¦ MFIs and Credit Unions/Credit Cooperatives learning from each other 

Tara I + II -- 19th June-

MFIs and Credit Unions are operating in similar contexts but with different characteristics. Learning from each other may strengthen both models, or maybe a cooperation model can be found? This workshop will examine how Credit Unions/Credit Cooperatives and MFIs can adopt each other's successful methods. 


Workshop 8 ¦ Scoring and credit risk assessment amongst European MFIs. Where do we stand? 

O'Carolan -- 19th June-

Managing credit risk is a complex task for any financial organisation; however it is also a fundamental objective. Global financial institutions and banking regulators have emphasised risk management as an essential element of long-term success. Risk management has also been gaining in importance over the last few decades in the microfinance sector and some MFIs have already started considering the implementation of credit scoring models to support their credit decisions.

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Workshop 9 ¦ Alternative sectorial partnerships

Graham Bell Suite -- 19th June-

This workshop will look at alternative sectorial partnerships, in contrast to the conference topic which focusses on partnerships between microfinance and the mainstream banking sector. A variety of case studies will be actively discussed by the panellists and the audience. The partnerships that you, the audience, might be about to enter into will also be considered with great interest. This session aims to promote discussion on the importance of partnerships to develop and increase the influence of Microfinance in Europe.




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