Plenary Session 1 ¦ Microfinance and banks: motivations for collaboration

Tara I + II -- 18th June

Ordinarily, microfinance institutions address financial needs which are not fulfilled by banks. More and more MFIs and banks are seeking collaboration to share their respective expertise. However, joining these two worlds is not an easy task. MFIs that are willing to build partnerships with banks may have difficulties grasping their objectives, strategies and constraints.

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Plenary Session 2 ¦ How should we cooperate? Lessons learnt from the field

Tara I + II -- 18th June-

Each year, Fondazione Giordano Dell'Amore and EMN organise the Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award to correspond with the conference topic. We selected three finalists among 14 candidatures from 10 European countries and these finalists will present their experiences of partnership with banks.

Special Session ¦ Presentation of the new EaSI tools for European Microfinance

Tara I + II -- 19th June-

The European microfinance sector receives support from the European Union via the third axis on "Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship" within the Employment and Social Innovation programme (EaSI). As was the case during the previous PROGRESS and JASMINE initiatives, the new instruments will also be focussed on both financial instruments (guarantees and funding) and technical assistance (evaluation and assessments and horizontal services) for the MFIs.


Plenary Session 3 ¦ What have we learnt? Conclusions 

Tara I + II -- 19th June-

The objective of this session is to bring together all the conclusions made during the workshops, and to offer one final conclusion on the main conference topic: microfinance and banks.


Closing Ceremony ¦  

Keynote speaker - Prof. Thomas M. Cooney, Professor in Entrepreneurship, Dublin Institute of Technology


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