1st EMN Photo Contest

An image that tells stories  

On the occasion of the 12th Annual Conference, the 1st EMN Photo Contest initiative was launched for all EMN members

Members were asked to provide a photo that describes their activity or that of their beneficiaries. They were also asked to provide a short story to go with the picture. 

The prize? An all-expenses paid peer-to-peer visit to learn, exchange and connect with other members on a specific microfinance topic.


Congratulations to the winner of the 1st EMN Photo Contest


Keen sense of risk taking


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Nicolas Sedlatchek, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, is very representative of the young-entrepreneur generation supported by the foundation Microcrédit Solidaire Suisse (MSS). The "under-35-year-olds" have, since 2005, represented an increasing percentage (30.6%) of entrepreneurs launching their small enterprises with a microcredit. As a matter of fact, last year more than 45% of the accorded credits in 2014 were received by people under 35 years of age. Young entrepreneur, Nicolas, holds a Master's degree in Architecture, is passionate about aeromodelism, and is also an avid climber and tightrope walker. He combines his different talents and passions to launch his own company. Nevertheless, he faced some difficulties in developing his activity due to the fact that he had no access to traditional bank credit services. Nicolas received the support of the MSS foundation. With the loan granted, he designed and built his proper working tool: a multirotor hexacopter drone equipped with a video and photo camera. His technical skills and his trained eye give him a competitive advantage. From assembling the different pieces of the unique flying machines to piloting and taking pictures, the ingenious creator controls all the different stages and facets of his business.

Architecture, landscape or extreme sports – his favourite subjects – are captured through a wide diversity of photographs or videos, which can be viewed on his website www.nicolassedlatchek.ch. By mastering the techniques of shooting, the Swiss photographer aims to transmit feelings and emotions through his art. By practicing the different activities related to his profession, such as slacklining or climbing, the young entrepreneur Nicolas demonstrates a keen sense of risk taking. The attached picture represents courage, a positive attitude, strong determination and – why not – the fun feeling that young entrepreneurs are capable of providing when facing a viable future. Microcredit can offer appropriate solutions for young entrepreneurs who demonstrate their capacity to face new challenges by realising their dreams.


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