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                Plenary 1                                        Plenary 2

           (Microfinance and banks:                                           (How should we cooperate?

       motivations for collaboration)                                     Lessons learnt from the field)

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Collaborative Models 

(Workshops 1, 4, 7)

EMC 9635models400 

Collaboration for Sustainability

 (Workshops 2, 5, 8)  

EMC 9656Sustainability

Future Innovation

(Workshops 3, 6, 9)

EMC 9647Future

      The EMN Team would like to thank the facilitators, Somos Más, for their work in making this conference more interactive and participatory. Particular thanks goes to Wiebke Koch who drew these incredible graphic recordings of the discussions held during the plenary sessions and the workshops. 

EMN 1832


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